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Grohl Called Sanchez “KISS Guy” After Spotting Gene Simmons Makeup At A Foo Fighters Concert

Are you familiar with Yayo Sanchez, who earned the nickname “KISS Guy” from Dave Grohl on April 18, 2018? If not, you’re in for quite the experience. Dubbed by Grohl himself as the ultimate guest to join Foo Fighters on stage, KISS Guy’s story is fascinating. But what led Grohl to bestow such a nickname on Sanchez? It all began when Sanchez showed up at a Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas, donning the iconic makeup of Gene Simmons from KISS. Initially, he was just another face in the crowd, holding a sign that pleaded for a chance to play “Monkeywrench.”

As the concert progressed, Sanchez caught Grohl’s attention. After being told to lower his sign, Grohl eventually engaged with him, inquiring if he was wearing a mask or face paint. Sanchez’s confirmation of face paint led to Grohl’s enthusiastic endorsement, “Hell yeah, I can f#ck with you, KISS Guy!” Onstage, the interaction continued, with Chris Shiflett expressing a preference for Ace Frehley, another KISS member. Seizing the moment, Sanchez raised his sign again, and soon after, Grohl called him onstage with a friendly “Hey, KISS Guy.” Let’s take a look:

KISS Guy’s performance was so captivating that even Grohl momentarily lost his place in the lyrics. This wasn’t just a lucky break for Sanchez; he had been preparing for moments like this. Just four days after his unforgettable performance, Metal Nexus revealed that Sanchez’s musical journey began at age nine when his father introduced him to KISS and bought him a guitar. Sanchez has since played alongside music legends such as Slash, Roger Daltrey, Billy Gibbons, and Paul Stanley.

Sanchez’s path to the stage with Foo Fighters traces back even further to when he was 14 and attended the Rock’N’Roll Fantasy Camp in London, where participants get the chance to play with rock stars. Scott Rowley from Classic Rock, who was at the camp, hailed Sanchez as a “teenage rock genius.” Here’s more on KISS Guy’s story:

By the time Sanchez joined Foo Fighters onstage, he was no stranger to the music scene, with two singles ready to drop and experience opening for bands like Quiet Riot and LA Guns. While some may speculate that such on-stage invitations are staged, Grohl’s videos emphasize the authenticity of these moments.

Grohl himself has been profoundly influenced by KISS, dating back to when he purchased their “Destroyer” album in 1976. The impact of KISS on Grohl’s musical career is undeniable, making his connection with KISS Guy during the Austin concert even more special. To conclude, here’s a light-hearted clip from Austin’s KLBJ 93.7:

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