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Her skill reflects centuries of intense daily practice, a true prodigy

Tina S, a prodigious young guitarist, launched her journey on YouTube in 2007, captivating audiences with her renditions of intricate guitar solos. Her channel has since amassed over 162 million views, a testament to her widespread acclaim.

Born Tina Setkic on April 7, 1999, in Paris, France, Tina has mesmerized a vast audience with her extraordinary talent. Her channel showcases her adeptness at executing challenging solos from iconic figures like Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, and even pieces by classical maestros like Beethoven.

Tina excels in a technique known as “Shredding,” defined by Wikipedia as a virtuosic guitar solo style marked by rapid sequences and sophisticated techniques. She ventured into electric rock and started sharing her performances online at 13, attracting praise from celebrated guitarists and brands alike. Her skills caught the attention of Vigier Guitars and even Wolfgang Van Halen.

After a mysterious seven-year hiatus, Tina has returned to YouTube, reigniting excitement among her fans and sparking speculation about her absence. Check out her latest video:

Tina’s musical journey began at 6 with classical guitar training, and by 9, she was already mastering complex solos like the iconic one from “Hotel California” by the Eagles. Her early mastery of the guitar has solidified her status as a musical prodigy.


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