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Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden Releases Official Music Video for His New Solo Track ‘Rain on the Grave'”

Bruce Dickinson, the legendary frontman of Iron Maiden, has released a new solo single titled “Rain On The Graves,” which is part of his highly anticipated album “The Mandrake Project,” set to be released on March 1st, 2024, through BMG. The song is now available on various streaming platforms, providing fans with a preview of the upcoming album.

“Rain On The Graves” was inspired by Dickinson’s visit to the grave of the Romantic poet William Wordsworth in the Lake District. This visit left a lasting impression on him, leading to the creation of the song’s chorus back in 2012. The track, developed in collaboration with Roy Z, blends catchy compositions with poetic verses, reflecting a deep exploration of themes such as mortality and the artistic pact with the Devil. This theme harks back to the era of the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson in the 1930s.

The music video for “Rain On The Graves” is directed by Ryan Mackfall and shot in Cornwall during winter. It features Dickinson in an acting role as a preacher who makes a deal with the Devil, backed by his ‘House Band from Hell.’ The video presents a full-on homage to Hammer Film Productions, known for their horror classics like Dracula and The Mummy, and aligns with the song’s slight outlaw country-tinged vibe, especially evident in the verses.

The Mandrake Project extends beyond music into a graphic novel series, exploring a dark narrative involving themes like power, abuse, and identity, set against a backdrop of scientific and occult genius. The graphic novel is created by Dickinson, scripted by Tony Lee, and illustrated by Staz Johnson, with covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. It will be released as 12 quarterly issues, culminating in three annual graphic novels starting at the end of 2024.

The Mandrake Project Tour is set to bring this musical experience to life in the spring and summer, with additional shows announced, including one in Wolverhampton at The Halls on May 16th. Support for the UK, Paris, and Tilburg shows comes from the up-and-coming rockers Black Smoke Trigger.

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