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Pink Floyd Members Shed Tears During Heart’s Flawless and Emotional Performance of Stairway to Heaven

Experience an unparalleled rendition of Stairway To Heaven, one not by Led Zeppelin, but by Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, offering a fresh perspective on a classic. Both Led Zeppelin and Heart left a significant mark on the 1970s rock scene.

In 2012, the influence of Led Zeppelin was recognized with the Kennedy Centre Honors by President Barack Obama, acknowledging those who have significantly enriched American cultural life. This prestigious list includes icons like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

Led Zeppelin’s legacy as a pivotal rock force is undeniable, inspiring a diverse range of artists from Def Leppard to Lady Gaga. Heart stood out as a pioneering band with female leads, delivering hits such as “These Dreams.”

The Kennedy Centre gala in 2012 saw the Wilson sisters and Jason Bonham, son of Zeppelin’s drummer, deliver a heartfelt “Stairway To Heaven,” a daunting task given the audience of the original band members, the President, and numerous celebrities.

Their rendition was emotionally charged, moving Robert Plant to tears and bringing smiles of reminiscence to the band. A poignant moment was the choir’s tribute to John Bonham, wearing black bowler hats, with Jason Bonham visibly moved by the performance.

The standing ovation and audience participation underscored the deep connection many feel with Led Zeppelin’s music. Robert Plant later reflected on the surreal experience of witnessing his song performed at the event.

Ann and Nancy Wilson shared their apprehension about covering such an iconic song. Their performance, however, was met with high praise from the band, with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page expressing their admiration, a testament to the Wilsons’ respectful and skilled interpretation of the classic.

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