Tiny House

Small House Design 5 x 5 Meters ( 25 Sqm )

This room has a traditional design style and measures 5 meters by 5 meters, providing 270 square feet of space. It features a ground floor bedroom for comfortable living, along with a shower and a standard flush, composting, or incinerating toilet for convenient personal hygiene. Additionally, there is a linen storage area where you can keep your linens organized and accessible.

The roof style of the room is unsymmetrical, adding to its unique charm, and the exterior door is located in the middle of the room, providing easy access. For heating and cooling, the room has a minisplit AC system that ensures comfortable temperatures all year round. An on-demand water heater is available for your hot water needs, while a washer and dryer are conveniently located in the kitchen. The room is insulated with batt insulation to keep it warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather, making it an ideal living space for those seeking comfort and convenience.

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