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Possibly the best ‘Sound of Silence’ Cover in History | What an incredible voice this man has , what a gift

Numerous artists have reimagined the iconic “The Sound of Silence,” but Peyton Parrish sets himself apart by drawing inspiration from Disturbed’s rendition rather than the original by Simon & Garfunkel. With Disturbed’s version amassing over 892 million views on YouTube and a dedicated fanbase, Parrish’s bold move is a testament to his confidence.

While Disturbed’s interpretation climaxes with a grand orchestral flourish, Parrish opts for a more rock-centric approach to achieve a similar intensity. Stephyjay’s comment sums up the sentiment: “Viewing this as an evolution of the song rather than just a cover reveals its true value. Simon & Garfunkel crafted a classic, Disturbed infused it with a haunting edge, and Parrish has intensified it further. Each version stands out for its epic and distinct character.”

Parrish’s latest work, “The Most Magical Album On Earth,” released on February 24, 2023, dives into Disney’s musical legacy, featuring reinterpretations of songs from beloved films like Mulan, Pocahontas, Frozen, The Lion King, Hercules, Aladdin, and Tarzan. The track “Hoist The Colours” from Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End exemplifies Parrish’s fusion of sea shanty elements with his signature Viking rock style, already capturing over 1.1 million YouTube views just a day before the album’s launch.

Originally from Washington DC, Parrish moved to LA in his youth, returning to Washington for college. Starting in 2016, he began sharing his music on social media, initially adopting a pop-country sound that gradually veered towards a heavier, rock-oriented style. This shift was influenced by his fascination with Viking mythology and Nordic metal, exploring deeper vocal tones.

Parrish’s rendition of “My Mother Told Me” from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla marked a significant milestone in 2020, gaining viral success and featuring in the TV series Vikings. His debut album “Cowboy Man,” released the same year, spanned 29 tracks, with the Viking chant-inspired “Ragnarök” going viral and ranking as his third most popular YouTube video with 9.9 million views.

In August 2022, Parrish unveiled “Rise of the Vikingr,” an album that blends chants with heavy metal, exploring themes of Viking culture. This Viking-centric approach has resonated well, with Parrish’s top four YouTube videos all embracing this theme. His most viewed video, a collaboration with Miracle of Sound’s Gavin Dunne, is “Valhalla Calling” from Assassin’s Creed, boasting 25 million views.

For those interested in comparing, here’s Disturbed’s take on “The Sound of Silence,” allowing listeners to judge the distinct interpretations of this timeless track.

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