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AC/DC’s Electrifying ‘Highway to Hell’ Performance at River Plate in December 2009

AC/DC, formed in 1973, are rock music giants. Unlike many rock bands that fade over time, AC/DC has kept its sound alive and thrilling for both old fans and a new generation who love heavy metal. Their 2009 concert for the “Live at River Plate” film, part of their Black Ice World Tour, showed just how captivating their music is with incredible footage of a packed stadium of fans.

The band went through several changes early on, but since their hit 1980 album “Back In Black,” their lineup has been fairly stable. During their 2009 world tour, AC/DC included Brian Johnson (now 76) as the vocalist, Angus Young (68) as the lead guitarist, Malcolm Young (who passed away at 64 in 2017) as the rhythm guitarist, Cliff Williams (74) as the bassist, and Phil Rudd (69) as the drummer. Angus and Malcolm were brothers, and after Malcolm stepped down in 2014 due to dementia, his nephew Stevie Young (67) took over as the rhythm guitarist.

AC/DC is one of Australia’s most significant musical contributions to the world. Although some members, like the Youngs, were born in the UK, they all came together in Australia, making their mark in music history.

The band has a long list of achievements, including 10 Grammy nominations since 1989 and a win in 2010 for Best Hard Rock Performance with “War Machine” from their 2008 album “Black Ice.” This album topped the charts in 23 countries and won several awards, including three ARIA Music Awards, with their “Live at River Plate” DVD winning the Best Music DVD.

AC/DC’s influence extended beyond their early days, defining 80s hard rock and heavy metal and becoming icons in the rock community. They’ve inspired modern rock bands like The Darkness, Airbourne, and Wolfmother.

With over 10 million YouTube subscribers, 4.8 million Instagram followers, nearly 1 million TikTok followers, and 1.4 billion views on their “Thunderstruck” video, AC/DC’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a testament to their enduring legacy in rock music.

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