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Lady Gaga & Metallica – Moth Into Flame | I’m a Metallica fan, but this lady can sing!

The 59th Grammy Awards in 2017 saw a special performance by Lady Gaga and Metallica, where they performed the song “Moth Into Flame” during the dress rehearsal. The collaboration between the two musical powerhouses was highly anticipated, especially after Lady Gaga’s iconic performance at the Super Bowl halftime show earlier that year. This dress rehearsal performance showcased the immense talent of both artists and left the audience wanting more.

Lady Gaga started off the performance with her signature high-energy entrance, sporting a black bodysuit and thigh-high boots. She belted out the lyrics with passion and energy, showcasing her incredible vocal range. As she moved around the stage, interacting with the band members, it was evident that she was in her element and enjoying every moment of the performance.

Metallica, on the other hand, brought their heavy metal sound to the stage, which was perfectly complemented by Lady Gaga’s vocals. The guitar riffs and drum beats were powerful, and the chemistry between the two acts was undeniable. The high-octane performance featured pyrotechnics and intense lighting, which added to the overall theatricality of the performance.

Despite encountering some technical difficulties during the live telecast of the Grammy Awards, this dress rehearsal was a testament to the musical prowess of Lady Gaga and Metallica. It was a great collaborative effort that highlighted the versatility and adaptability of both artists. The performance received critical acclaim and will be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in the history of the Grammy Awards.

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