Alice Cooper Adopts a Python, Names It ‘Welcome to My Boa Constrictor’

In a move that’s both shocking and somehow unsurprising for fans, shock rock legend Alice Cooper has taken his penchant for theatrical stage antics to a new level by adopting a python. Not one to miss a beat when it comes to naming, Cooper has affectionately dubbed his new reptilian friend “Welcome to My Boa Constrictor,” in a nod to his famous hit, “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

Cooper, known for his love of horror themes and wild stage performances, announced the addition of his scaly companion during a recent backstage interview, revealing that “Welcome” isn’t just for show. “He’s part of the family now. We’re even knitting him a little top hat to match mine,” Cooper shared with a twinkle in his eye, clearly delighted by the thought of his new pet’s stage debut.

“Welcome” isn’t just any python; he’s set to become a regular fixture in Cooper’s performances, adding an extra layer of thrill—or perhaps chill—to the already electrifying shows. Fans are buzzing with excitement and a fair bit of curiosity about how a python might contribute to the musical experience. “I’ve dealt with many kinds of pythons in my career, but adopting one? That’s a first even for me,” Cooper chuckled, reassuring fans that “Welcome” is in the best of hands.

The news has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with fans creating mock-up images of “Welcome” donning a top hat and even suggesting song titles for Cooper’s next album, inspired by his new bandmate. “Hissssteria,” “Scaled Up,” and “Venom Valentine” are just a few fan-generated titles making the rounds on social media.

Animal welfare groups have praised Cooper for providing a loving home to “Welcome,” noting that the python was rescued from a shelter where he had been waiting for someone to embrace his unique charm. “It’s not every day a rock star adopts a python, but Alice has always been ahead of the curve,” stated a spokesperson from the shelter, visibly moved by the adoption story.

As for Cooper’s upcoming tours, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the debut of “Welcome to My Boa Constrictor.” Rumors are already swirling about special “python-view” seating and limited-edition merchandise featuring the newest, slinkiest member of the Alice Cooper ensemble.

In a world where rock stars are known for their extravagant pets, Alice Cooper and “Welcome” are setting a new standard, proving once again that in the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, anything goes.

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