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Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Kingslayer’ ft. BABYMETAL (Live In Tokyo) | Her voice is absolutely magical

The collaboration between Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) and BABYMETAL, resulting in a live performance of the song “Kingslayer” in Tokyo, marked a significant moment in the music scene. This event took place during BMTH’s concert at the WORLD Kinen Hall in Kobe, Japan, where BABYMETAL was featured as special guests​​. This collaboration was particularly notable because it was the first time the two bands performed their 2020 collaborative song “Kingslayer” live together. The song, included in BMTH’s album “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL MODE,” had not been played live with BABYMETAL until Halloween 2023, during this concert in Japan​​.

The performance showcased the unique combination of BMTH’s metalcore style and BABYMETAL’s kawaii-metal, a genre that blends heavy metal with J-pop. Fans had been eagerly anticipating this live rendition of “Kingslayer,” and the event did not disappoint.

The official video of the performance, released on December 12, 2023, captured the high energy and dynamic synergy between the two bands. This pro footage, which provided a clear and high-quality view of the performance, was praised for perfectly capturing the wonderful chaos, dancing, and explosive energy of the concert​​​​.

The release of this official video was a significant moment for fans of both bands, as prior to this, they had only fan-shot videos to relive the experience. The collaboration and the subsequent release of the video were well-received, highlighting the successful blend of BMTH’s and BABYMETAL’s distinct musical styles and the electrifying atmosphere of their live performance​​​​​​

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