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Yayo Sanchez, Also Known as KISS Guy, Performs “Monkeywrench” Alongside Foo Fighters

Have you ever come across Yayo Sanchez, who earned the nickname “KISS Guy” from Dave Grohl on April 18, 2018? If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed. KISS Guy tops the list of audience members ever invited to join Foo Fighters on stage, as confirmed by Grohl himself. The reason behind the nickname? Sanchez showed up at a Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas, adorned with Gene Simmons’ iconic The Demon makeup. Initially, he was spotted holding a sign in yellow, pleading for a chance to play “Monkeywrench.”

As Sanchez was close to the stage, he put down his sign following a shout from the crowd to lower it. Not long after, Grohl engaged in a conversation with him, squinting to see if Sanchez was wearing a mask or had painted his face. Upon hearing it was paint, Grohl enthusiastically endorsed him, exclaiming, “Hell yeah, I can get behind you, KISS Guy!” During the performance, Chris Shiflett expressed a preference for Ace Frehley, but Sanchez seized his moment, sign aloft. Shortly after, Grohl beckoned, “Hey KISS Guy,” and what followed was unforgettable:

KISS Guy’s performance was so stellar it momentarily caused Grohl to forget the lyrics. Sanchez truly seized his opportunity. But who exactly is Yayo Sanchez? Just four days post-performance with Foo Fighters, Metal Nexus revealed that Sanchez’s musical journey began at nine, thanks to his father’s gift of a guitar and an introduction to KISS, leading to jams with legends like Slash and Paul Stanley.

This wasn’t just a sudden rise to fame. Eleven years prior to earning his KISS Guy title, a 14-year-old Sanchez was honing his skills at the Rock’N’Roll Fantasy Camp in London, where Classic Rock’s Scott Rowley found him to be a “teenage rock prodigy.” This is captured in a news segment on KISS Guy:

By the time he shared the stage with Foo Fighters, Sanchez was gearing up to release singles “Mothership” and “The Call” with his band, Y, having already opened for acts like Quiet Riot. Despite skeptics suggesting such onstage invitations are staged, Grohl’s genuine surprise in the video speaks volumes.

Grohl himself was significantly influenced by KISS, tracing back to his purchase of the “Destroyer” album in 1976. The impact of KISS on Grohl was profound, transforming his room into a shrine dedicated to the band. This shared passion for KISS no doubt played a part in Grohl’s immediate connection with Sanchez during the Austin concert. To wrap up, here’s a delightful clip from KLBJ 93.7 in Austin:

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