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Best version of ‘Angel Of Death | ‘The more Tom is getting older the more i appreciate him, he’s the Slayer soul

The Repentless Killogy is a live concert film and the first full-length narrative feature from thrash metal pioneers Slayer. Released in 2019, it features live performances from their final world tour, interspersed with a brutal tale of revenge and redemption. One of the standout moments of the film is undoubtedly the performance of “Angel of Death”, one of the band’s most infamous songs.

“Angel of Death” was originally released on the band’s 1986 album Reign in Blood, and its lyrics, which deal with the horrors of the Holocaust, have been controversial since the song’s release. However, there’s no denying its impact as a powerful piece of thrash metal, and as a centerpiece of Slayer’s live shows for over thirty years.

In The Repentless Killogy, “Angel of Death” is performed towards the end of the film, following the climax of the storyline. It’s a fitting choice, as the intensity of the song perfectly captures the emotions of the moment. The live performance is a masterclass in thrash metal, with blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and Tom Araya’s iconic vocals driving the song forward.

But what really sets this performance apart is the audience reaction. As the opening notes of the song ring out, the crowd erupts into a frenzy of moshing and headbanging. It’s a visceral display of the power that Slayer had over their fans, and a testament to the enduring impact of their music.

Overall, the performance of “Angel of Death” in The Repentless Killogy is an unforgettable moment for Slayer fans old and new. It’s a tribute to the band’s legacy as one of the most influential acts in thrash metal history, and a reminder of the power that heavy music can hold over its listeners.

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