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AC/DC delivered an electrifying performance of “Rock Or Bust” & “Highway To Hell.”

At the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2015, legendary rock band AC/DC delivered a high-voltage performance that kicked off the event with an electrifying start. The band, known for its raw energy and iconic sound, played two of its most famous tracks: “Rock or Bust” from their 2014 album of the same name, and “Highway to Hell,” one of their classic anthems from 1979. This performance marked a significant moment for the band, as it was one of their major appearances following the release of “Rock or Bust,” and also served as a public affirmation of their enduring presence in the rock music scene despite the changes in their lineup and the challenges they had faced.

“Rock or Bust” is the title track of AC/DC’s sixteenth studio album, and it showcases the band’s signature hard rock sound. The album was notable for being the band’s first without founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, who had to leave the band due to health issues related to dementia. Stevie Young, nephew of Malcolm and Angus Young, filled in for Malcolm both on the album and during subsequent live performances. The album, and its title track, symbolize the band’s determination to continue making music despite these personal challenges, embodying the ‘rock or bust’ spirit.

“Highway to Hell” is one of AC/DC’s most iconic songs, serving as the title track for their 1979 album. It was the last album featuring lead vocalist Bon Scott, who tragically passed away in February 1980. The song has since become a rock anthem, celebrated for its high energy and rebellious spirit, and is often considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The performance of this song at the Grammy Awards was a nod to the band’s storied past and a tribute to Bon Scott’s enduring legacy.

The band’s appearance at the Grammy Awards was a powerful statement, showcasing their resilience and ongoing relevance in the music industry. AC/DC’s performance was not just a trip down memory lane but a demonstration of the band’s ongoing ability to energize and engage audiences, decades after their formation. The performance was also symbolic of the band’s transition, with new and old members coming together to continue the AC/DC legacy.

AC/DC was formed in Sydney in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Despite several line-up changes over the years, the band has continued to be a major force in the rock music scene. Their music is characterized by a straightforward rock and roll sound, and their live performances are known for their energy and crowd engagement. AC/DC’s success is marked by their massive album sales, with “Back in Black” being one of the best-selling albums of all time.

The band’s performance at the Grammy Awards was well-received, with many praising their ability to deliver a high-energy show. It was a reminder of the band’s skill in live performances, a hallmark of their career. The performance was not just about nostalgia; it was a celebration of AC/DC’s ongoing contribution to the world of rock music.

In the context of the band’s history, this performance at the Grammy Awards was particularly poignant. AC/DC has weathered numerous challenges, including the death of Bon Scott and the departure of Malcolm Young due to illness. Yet, their appearance at the Grammys demonstrated their resilience and commitment to their music. It was a testament to the band’s “rock or bust” ethos, showing that they would continue to rock despite the obstacles.

AC/DC’s performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards was a powerful moment in the band’s history, a testament to their enduring legacy and continued relevance in the music industry. It was a celebration of their past, a demonstration of their current vitality, and a hint at their future in the rock music scene. The band’s ability to rally and deliver an electrifying performance, despite the changes and challenges they have faced, speaks volumes about their resilience and the universal appeal of their music.

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