Tiny House

This tiny house is only $20k! Affordable housing alternative

Tiny houses have become a popular alternative to traditional homes in recent years, offering affordable housing solutions in a compact and eco-friendly package. Videographer Matt Alexander, known for his Tiny House Giant Journey series, recently took viewers on a tour of the Incred-i-box, an affordable tiny house built by Incredible Tiny Homes.

Starting at just $20,000, the Incred-i-box offers an affordable entry point into the world of tiny houses. The basic model includes everything needed for comfortable living, including a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. For those looking to live off-grid, the off-grid package provides solar power and a composting toilet, allowing for self-sufficient living in even the most remote locations.

The Incred-i-box also boasts an extra four feet of living space, providing ample room for couples or small families to live comfortably. To put this tiny house to the test, Alexander lived in it for one month with his girlfriend, two dogs, and two cats. Despite the tight quarters, they found the space to be livable and comfortable, proving that tiny houses can provide an excellent housing solution for those willing to downsize.

As housing prices continue to rise, tiny houses offer an affordable and eco-friendly option for those looking to live simply and sustainably. With models like the Incred-i-box available at such an affordable price point, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to tiny houses as an alternative to traditional homes.

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