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Metallica Delivered A Thunderous Performance Of “Ride the Lightning

Metallica’s performance of “Ride the Lightning” at the Day on the Green festival on August 31, 1985, in Oakland, California, stands as a pivotal moment in their early career. This event, orchestrated by the legendary promoter Bill Graham, was part of a series of concerts that helped establish the modern music festival concept. Graham’s festivals were known for their eclectic mix of established and emerging artists, and Day on the Green was no exception, featuring acts like Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and AC/DC over the years.

By 1985, Metallica was on the cusp of mainstream success. They were touring in support of their sophomore album, “Ride the Lightning,” which had been released the previous year to critical acclaim. The album marked a significant evolution in their sound, showcasing more complex song structures and lyrical themes than their debut, “Kill ‘Em All.” This performance at Day on the Green was one of their first major stadium shows, exposing them to a much larger audience and setting the stage for their meteoric rise in the heavy metal hierarchy.

The setlist for the Day on the Green performance included some of Metallica’s most enduring tracks. Starting with Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold” as their intro, they launched into a powerful set that included “Creeping Death,” “Ride the Lightning,” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” The performance also featured “The Four Horsemen,” “Fade to Black,” “Seek & Destroy,” and “Whiplash,” with an encore of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?” Each song was delivered with the raw energy and precision that had become their trademark.

One of the highlights of the show was the presence of bassist Cliff Burton. Known for his virtuosic playing and magnetic stage presence, Cliff’s performance at Day on the Green has been immortalized in pro-shot footage that aired on MTV. This footage is especially prized among fans for its rare close-up shots of Cliff, showcasing his intense bass solos and unique style. His performance on “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” in particular, remains iconic, capturing a moment in time that underscores his lasting influence on the band and the genre.

The 1985 Day on the Green performance is often remembered for its historical significance within Metallica’s career. At this time, the band was still climbing the ranks of the heavy metal scene, yet they were already displaying the traits that would soon catapult them to global fame. Their aggressive stage presence, complex musical arrangements, and deep connection with the audience were all evident during this show/

Metallica’s participation in Day on the Green was also a significant moment for the festival itself. Bill Graham’s vision of creating large, stadium-sized concerts that could bring together diverse audiences was fully realized with events like these. His ability to blend different musical acts into a cohesive and memorable experience was a testament to his promotional genius, and Metallica’s 1985 performance was a perfect fit for this ambitious vision/

The legacy of this performance is further amplified by the fact that it captures Metallica at a critical juncture in their creative journey. They were not only promoting “Ride the Lightning” but were also in the midst of writing material for their next album, “Master of Puppets.” This period is often viewed as one of the most creatively fertile times in the band’s history, leading to some of their most celebrated work/

Overall, Metallica’s performance at the Day on the Green festival in 1985 remains a cherished moment in the band’s history. It represents a snapshot of their early days, marked by ambition, raw talent, and the beginning of their ascent to heavy metal superstardom. The footage and memories of this show continue to resonate with fans, preserving the legacy of both Metallica and the late Cliff Burton for future generations/

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