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GATECREEPER Ignites With The Black Curtain

Gatecreeper’s upcoming album, “Dark Superstition,” marks a significant milestone in the band’s career, introducing a fresh wave of American death metal with a more concise, melodically rich, and memorable sound than their previous works. This album, set to release on May 17 via Nuclear Blast Records, is their sprawling third full-length and a label debut that showcases the band’s evolution and their unique path within the genre.

“The Black Curtain,” the album’s intricate lead single, embodies the thematic essence of “Dark Superstition” with its rock-oriented sound and tales of divination. Vocalist Chase H. Mason describes the song as a narrative about being trapped between living and dying, where a soul is caught in purgatory, yearning to be revived by a supernatural force. This thematic depth, combined with the melodic direction of the music, highlights Gatecreeper’s innovative approach to death metal.

The album intricately weaves supernatural themes with Mason’s personal experiences, with the title “Dark Superstition” nodding to the mystique of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, known for their beauty as well as their tragic legends and tales of hidden treasures. The album’s tracklist promises a journey through brutal soundscapes, each evoking distinct emotions and landscapes, from the foreboding allure of “Dead Star” and “Oblivion” to the eerie depths of “A Chilling Aura” and the somber “Tears Fall From The Sky.”

To perfect their sound on this pivotal album, Gatecreeper collaborated with Fred Estby, the drummer and songwriter from the Swedish death metal band Dismember, whose influence is palpable throughout the album. Recorded at God City Studios in Salem, MA, with Kurt Ballou of Converge, who also mixed the album, “Dark Superstition” stands as a testament to the band’s growth and their ability to push the boundaries of death metal.

Formed in 2013, Gatecreeper has steadily garnered a following across metal, punk, and hardcore scenes. From their self-titled EP in 2014 to their acclaimed albums “Sonoran Depravation” (2016) and “Deserted” (2019), the band has established themselves as purveyors of old-school death metal. Their collaborations with industry veterans, intense touring schedule, including tours with Cannibal Corpse, Power Trip, and Obituary, and their commitment to evolving their sound have cemented Gatecreeper’s reputation in the metal community.

Gatecreeper’s lineup, featuring Mason on vocals, Eric Wagner and Israel Garza on guitars, Matt Arrebollo on drums, and Alex Brown on bass, continues to deliver powerful and evocative music that resonates with fans and critics alike. With “Dark Superstition,” the band is poised to lead a new era of death metal, blending traditional elements with innovative storytelling and melodic complexity.

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