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Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Announce RUSH Tour Plans Featuring a New Drummer

In a recent segment on “CBS News Sunday Morning,” members of the renowned progressive rock group RUSH, which originated in the suburbs of Toronto with guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, and drummer Neil Peart, reflected on their illustrious musical career.

Having sold over 40 million albums, RUSH is celebrated as one of Canada’s most esteemed rock bands. In their conversation with correspondent Jim Axelrod, Lifeson and Lee discussed their distinctive combination of musicianship, stage presence, and humor, and the significant impact of Peart’s untimely death on the group’s dynamics.

Contemplating the band’s future without Peart, Lifeson shared his uncertainties:

“Yeah, it’s difficult to figure out what that chapter is without him.”

When asked about the potential of adding a new drummer and hitting the road again, Lee revealed:

“Have we talked about it? Yeah.”

On the likelihood of this happening, Lee noted:

“It’s not impossible, but at this point, I can’t guarantee it.”

Lifeson, however, seemed more hopeful about continuing:

“It’s just not in our DNA to stop.”

Lee offered a reflective take, underscoring the importance of authenticity:

“Do what you believe, because if you do what someone else believes, and you fail, you’ve got nothing. If you do what you believe, and you fail, you still have hope.”

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