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Freddie in the Studio recording ‘My Melancholy Blues’.

The song “My Melancholy Blues” by Queen is from their 1977 album *News of the World*. Unlike many of Queen’s other tracks, this song showcases a minimalist arrangement and a lounge-jazz style, quite distinct from the band’s usual rock sound. Here’s some extended information about the making of this track, particularly focusing on their time at BBC Studios:

1. **Composition and Lyrics**: Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of Queen, wrote “My Melancholy Blues.” The song is a showcase for Mercury’s piano skills and his vocal range. The lyrics reflect a somber and introspective mood, consistent with the title. Mercury wanted the song to have a spontaneous and slightly improvised feel, emphasizing the melancholy and introspective lyrics.

2. **Recording**: The recording of “My Melancholy Blues” took place during the sessions for the album *News of the World*. Unlike many of their other songs, this track is stripped down to piano, vocals, bass (John Deacon), and very minimal drum work (Roger Taylor). There’s a notable absence of guitar, which is rare for a Queen song.

3. **BBC Studios Sessions**: Queen performed “My Melancholy Blues” at BBC Studios as part of promotional appearances for their album. These sessions were important for the band to experiment with and refine their sound in a live setting. The BBC recordings often provided a more raw and less polished sound than the studio versions, offering fans a different listening experience.

4. **Live Performances**: “My Melancholy Blues” was included in the setlist for Queen’s 1977-78 world tour. The live performances featured a more intimate setting, with Freddie Mercury at the piano, spotlighting his ability to connect with the audience through minimal instrumentation.

5. **Legacy and Reception**: While not as commercially successful or widely recognized as many of Queen’s hits, “My Melancholy Blues” remains a favorite among die-hard fans for its unique place in the band’s repertoire. The song showcases a different side of Mercury’s musical talents and Queen’s versatility.

This track exemplifies how Queen could diversify their music style, highlighting Freddie Mercury’s skills as a songwriter and a performer in a genre very different from their usual rock anthems.

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