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Judas Priest Release New Song “Crown of Horns”

Judas Priest, the legendary heavy metal band, has excited fans with the release of their new single, “Crown of Horns.” This track is a teaser from their forthcoming album “Invincible Shield,” which is eagerly anticipated to drop on March 8, 2024. Known for their powerful and genre-defining music, Judas Priest continues to influence the heavy metal scene, even after five decades of creating music.

The upcoming album, “Invincible Shield,” promises to be a diverse and dynamic addition to the band’s discography. It will be available in various formats, including CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital, catering to fans of all preferences. Additionally, exclusive bonus tracks will be accessible through Target and special bundles, offering a unique experience for dedicated followers of the band.

Judas Priest’s influence in the music world is undeniable. With over 50 million albums sold worldwide and a recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, their legacy continues to grow. “Crown of Horns” and the upcoming album are set to add more accolades to their already impressive career.

In conjunction with the album release, Judas Priest has announced a U.S. tour starting April 18, 2024. This tour follows their 50th-anniversary celebrations and the success of their 2018 album “Firepower.” Fans can expect electrifying performances, showcasing both new tracks and classic hits.

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