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Judas Priest Releases Panic Attack (Official Video) | Rob Halford is 72 years old and he still rocking

Judas Priest has released a new music video for their song “Panic Attack,” which is the first single from their upcoming 19th studio album, “Invincible Shield.” The video, released in early January 2024, showcases the band’s legendary stage presence and is a compilation of live footage, capturing the energy and excitement of their performances.

“Panic Attack” is a classic example of Judas Priest’s style, featuring intense guitar work from Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, and Rob Halford’s powerful vocals. The song opens with a striking guitar and synthesizer introduction, setting the stage for a dynamic heavy metal experience. Fans of the band will recognize elements typical of a Judas Priest show, such as Faulkner’s impressive guitar solos and Halford’s iconic appearance in leather, riding a motorcycle.

“Invincible Shield,” set to release on March 8, 2024, is highly anticipated and follows their previous album “Firepower” from 2018. The new album promises to include 11 tracks with an additional three tracks in the deluxe edition. It seems to continue the musical direction of “Firepower,” with the band’s members exploring more complex and varied compositions. The album is noted for its mix of traditional Judas Priest style with some progressive elements, reminiscent of their ’70s work but with a modern twist.

Along with the album release, Judas Priest has announced a U.K. tour starting in March 2024, featuring Saxon and Uriah Heep as supporting acts. This tour offers fans an opportunity to experience the live energy captured in the “Panic Attack” video.

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