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AC/DC’s “Rock N Roll Train” Ignites River Plate Stadium in 2009

AC/DC’s performance of “Rock N Roll Train” at River Plate Stadium in December 2009 is widely regarded as one of their most electrifying live shows. This concert was part of the Black Ice World Tour and marked the band’s first appearance in Buenos Aires in over a decade, generating immense excitement among the fans. The live album and DVD, “Live at River Plate,” capture this incredible event, showcasing the band’s high-energy performance and the fervent response from the audience.

Recorded over three nights, the concert features a setlist blending classic hits like “Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell” with newer tracks from their “Black Ice” album. The live rendition of “Rock N Roll Train” stands out with its powerful delivery, perfectly exemplifying AC/DC’s unyielding commitment to their straightforward, hard-hitting rock sound. Brian Johnson’s vocals and Angus Young’s iconic guitar riffs keep the crowd energized throughout the performance.

The DVD version of “Live at River Plate” is particularly praised for its high-quality footage and the palpable enthusiasm of the Argentine crowd, which some reviewers describe as almost a single massive, sentient entity. The CD version, while also well-received, doesn’t quite capture the visual and atmospheric intensity of the live show.

AC/DC’s consistency and reliability as a band are evident in this live recording. Despite decades in the industry, their formula of powerful rock anthems remains unchanged, ensuring that fans know exactly what to expect: an explosive, no-frills rock concert. This performance, in particular, reaffirmed AC/DC’s status as one of the greatest live rock bands in the world.

In addition to “Rock N Roll Train,” the setlist includes extended versions of fan favorites like “Let There Be Rock” and “The Jack,” highlighting the band’s ability to maintain high energy levels and engage the audience for extended periods. The show’s finale, “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You),” complete with cannon fire, provides a fittingly grand conclusion to the concert.

Overall, “Live at River Plate” serves as a testament to AC/DC’s enduring appeal and their unparalleled ability to deliver thrilling live performances. The concert’s success is reflected in its commercial performance, achieving multi-platinum status in several countries and further cementing the band’s legendary status in rock history.

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