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Listen to the Epic Environmental Anthem of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” and Be Moved to Action

In 1995, Michael Jackson released “Earth Song,” a powerful environmental anthem that would go on to become one of his most iconic and impactful songs. The track is a passionate plea to humanity to take action against the destruction of the planet and its natural resources.

“Earth Song” was inspired by the devastation caused by deforestation in Brazil, which Jackson witnessed firsthand while on tour. The song’s music video features stunning footage of rainforest destruction, animal cruelty, and other environmental issues, making it a powerful visual representation of the song’s message.

The song’s lyrics are both poignant and prophetic, as they address the urgent need to protect the planet for future generations. Lines like “what about us, what about all the plans that we made?” underscore the fact that the fate of the planet rests in our hands, and that we must act now to ensure a sustainable future.

Despite being nearly three decades old, “Earth Song” remains a relevant and timely anthem in today’s world. As the effects of climate change continue to worsen, and species around the world face extinction, it is more important than ever that we listen to the message of “Earth Song” and take action to protect our planet.

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