Test Your Hawk-Like Vision: Can You Find the ‘World’s Most Hidden’ Big Cat in This Optical Illusion in Under 5 Seconds?

This remarkable optical illusion was captured in the majestic Himalayas of north-eastern India.

In 2019, photographer Saurabh Desai set out on an expedition in the Spiti Valley, driven by a singular goal.

“My quest was to find the world’s most secretive cat, locally known as the ‘Grey Ghost’,” he shared with My Modern Met.

After nearly three years of vigilant searching, Desai triumphed, photographing the elusive brown leopard just five miles from the elevated village of Kibber.

The encounter was mutual, as evidenced by the leopard’s intense gaze meeting the camera lens.

Desai, hailing from Gujarat, was left in awe and without words by this unexpected meeting.

He described the moment: “The image captures the snow leopard attempting to descend the cliff.”

“But observing our presence, it decided to wait until it got really dark and it stayed there on the edge.”

The rediscovered photograph was captured at a breathtaking elevation of 17,000 feet, in temperatures around -30°C.

At this height, oxygen levels were significantly reduced, falling to less than half of the usual amount.

The photo left social media users baffled, with many spending hours trying to spot the animal.

A Reddit user expressed their frustration, saying, “I’ve looked at this image countless times and I still think, ‘where are you hiding, you elusive creature?'”

Someone else remarked, “I really can’t spot the leopard… nature, you’re incredible and intimidating.”

A Twitter user reflected, “Once you spot it, it suddenly becomes so obvious and easy to see.”

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