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Metallica Seek And Destroy Live at The Metro 1983

Metallica’s live performance of “Seek and Destroy” at The Metro in Chicago on August 12, 1983, is a significant event in the band’s history, showcasing their early days and raw energy. This concert was part of their “Kill ‘Em All for One” tour, with Raven as the other act. The performance is notable for its display of youthful energy and raw talent, with members like James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich being just around 20 years old at the time.

The concert footage, despite some technical issues like having to cut out the first fifteen minutes due to audio problems, offers a glimpse into Metallica’s early stage presence and performance style. It’s particularly noteworthy for featuring Cliff Burton’s exceptional skills on the bass. This period in Metallica’s career is marked by a more rugged and unrefined style, which has evolved significantly over the years.

“Seek and Destroy” itself, being one of Metallica’s earliest and most iconic tracks, has garnered a notable reputation. It has been used in various sports settings, like as an entrance theme for several National Hockey League teams including the San Jose Sharks, and by other sports teams and athletes worldwide. This song’s influence extends beyond just Metallica’s performances, having been covered by numerous artists across different genres, illustrating its significant impact in the world of music.

This early performance at The Metro, therefore, stands as a testament to Metallica’s beginnings and their journey to becoming one of the most influential heavy metal bands in history. Their performance of “Seek and Destroy” at this concert is a must-watch for fans, offering a raw and unfiltered look at the band’s early days​

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