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The True Backstory of Ozzy Osbourne’s Mugshot in a Blues Jersey

Sometimes, an ordinary evening can unexpectedly turn into a legendary tale, and that’s precisely what happened to Ozzy Osbourne during one unforgettable night in 1984. Amidst his extensive Bark at the Moon tour in May of that year, a boozy escapade in Memphis, Tennessee, led to the creation of an iconic mugshot that has since become legendary.

According to The Smoking Gun, Osbourne found himself under arrest for his excessive inebriation on Beale Street. However, this might seem surprising to some, as Beale Street is notorious for its party atmosphere, with its visitors often found in a similar state, and vehicles are barred from the area due to the high level of drunken revelry.

It seems Osbourne must have truly been causing a stir to be singled out in such a lively crowd. It’s possible the police were either specifically targeting him or merely keeping a vigilant eye, given his previous antics, which included bizarre acts like biting the head off a bat and urinating on the Alamo. One could only speculate what he might have had in store for Beale Street.

Adding to his conspicuousness was the bright Blues jersey he wore, an odd choice for Memphis, especially since he had performed in St. Louis just a few months prior, on February 9, 1984. It’s likely he acquired the jersey, supporting his newfound favorite team, during his time at the Checkerdome.

This choice in attire became notably significant when, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, Osbourne was taken into custody around 12:30 a.m. on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge. He was detained for five hours to sober up before being released without any court obligations.

It’s interesting to note the contrast in treatment between cities; when Axl Rose caused a disturbance in St. Louis, he was met with legal repercussions and a hefty fine directed towards local charities. Meanwhile, in Memphis, such rock star misdemeanors were seemingly dismissed with a mere caution.

This memorable incident, with Ozzy donning a Blues jersey, continues to resonate with the St. Louis community, often celebrated on t-shirts and shared as a humorous anecdote, particularly as the city anticipates triumph.

Here’s a photo of a t-shirt that was being sold at a bar on Washington Avenue during Game 6 on Sunday:

And here’s a tweet featuring a local man wearing his own version:

And here’s a tweet featuring a local man wearing his own version:

Even Osbourne has gotten in on the action, posting his mugshot on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday night with the caption “Let’s Go Blues!”

It’s nice to know that Ozzy is on our side, as we’ve always been on his. And with the blessing of the Prince of Darkness, we are officially ready to win the Stanley Cup.

So when it all goes down tomorrow night, #PlayGloria if you must. And then play Sabbath.

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