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This is potentially the most 80s song in existence | Probably the most modern sounding metal album ever

“Turbo Lover” is a well-known single by the heavy metal band Judas Priest, featured on their 1986 album “Turbo.” This song is recognized as a classic in Judas Priest’s discography and has received largely positive reception, distinguishing itself from the more mixed responses to the album as a whole. The song’s lyrics, known for their auto-eroticism theme, were described by singer Rob Halford as a playful use of a motorcycle as a euphemism for love, adding a sexual undertone to the track.

The album “Turbo” marked a significant shift in Judas Priest’s style, incorporating more commercial glam metal sounds and the use of synthesizers for the first time. Interestingly, the song “Reckless” from this album was asked to be on the soundtrack of the movie “Top Gun,” but the band declined because they thought the film would flop and because it would have meant leaving the song off the album “Turbo.” Another track, “Parental Guidance,” was allegedly a response to Tipper Gore’s criticism of heavy metal music in the mid-1980s.

“Turbo” initially sold well, achieving Gold certification by the RIAA in June 1986 and Platinum in July 1987. However, sales tapered off, and the subsequent live album from the Fuel for Life tour did not achieve the same level of success. The album reached No. 33 in the UK and No. 17 on the Billboard 200, becoming the band’s highest chart position until 2005. Despite the success, members of the band had mixed feelings about the album. Rob Halford referred to “Turbo” as the “love/hate Judas Priest album,” and K.K. Downing later expressed some disappointment with its sales compared to other bands featured on MTV at the time.

The track listing of “Turbo” featured nine songs, with “Turbo Lover” being the opening track. The album personnel included Rob Halford on vocals, K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton on guitars and guitar synthesizers, Ian Hill on bass, and Dave Holland on drums. The 30th Anniversary Remaster of “Turbo” included a revised artwork and remastering by Mandy Parnell.

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