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Alice Cooper’s Iconic “Poison” Gets a Thrilling Live Performance to Remember!

Alice Cooper is a legendary musician known for his theatrical performances and edgy style. His hit song “Poison” is a classic example of his signature sound. The song was released in 1989 as part of his 18th studio album, “Trash”, and quickly became a fan favorite.

The song’s lyrics are about a toxic relationship that is both alluring and dangerous. Alice Cooper’s raspy vocals add to the intensity of the song, making it a hard rock anthem that fans still love to this day. The chorus, with its catchy melody and memorable lyrics, has made “Poison” one of Alice Cooper’s most popular songs.

Beyond its musical complexity, “Poison” is also notable for its controversial music video. The video features Alice Cooper in a top hat and tails, surrounded by scantily clad women and snakes. The provocative imagery caused a stir when it was released, and cemented Alice Cooper’s reputation as a boundary-pushing artist.

Despite the controversy, “Poison” continues to be a beloved song among Alice Cooper fans and hard rock enthusiasts alike. It has been covered by several other artists over the years and remains a staple of rock radio stations around the world.

In conclusion, “Poison” is a classic example of Alice Cooper’s unique blend of hard rock, theatricality, and edginess. Its catchy chorus and memorable lyrics have made it an enduring favorite among fans, while its controversial music video has solidified Alice Cooper’s place in the pantheon of rock icons.

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