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(Eddie Van Halen style) | Gentle 64-Year-Old Kenny Petrie Astonishes with Electrifying Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

Kenny Petrie, 64, had a rather unassuming start to his Britain’s Got Talent audition, carefully taking out his guitar on stage. However, it wasn’t long before judge David Walliams was proclaiming him a rock deity. Petrie’s mastery of the guitar became evident as he energetically performed Aerosmith’s iconic “Walk This Way” riff, quickly energizing the audience.

The Scottish executive showcased his versatility with a dynamic wah solo, incorporating rapid finger tapping reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen, and played one memorable riff after another, much to the audience’s delight. Throughout his performance, Petrie’s joy was palpable, and his positive energy was infectious, even prompting Simon Cowell to sport a delighted, boyish smile.

The audience’s roaring applause was a testament to the unexpected nature of Petrie’s performance, with Cowell humorously remarking on the surprise factor. Walliams praised the performance for its brilliance and unexpectedness, especially given Petrie’s calm demeanor, humorously adding that he hadn’t anticipated a “rock god” appearance.

Cowell continued with commendations, admitting his initial skepticism when Petrie first appeared with his guitar, only to be proven wrong by the outstanding performance. Walliams, along with judges Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon, unanimously praised Petrie, propelling him forward in the competition. Earlier, John Wines, also known as the Old Grey Guitarist, delivered a similarly surprising performance on America’s Got Talent, as seen in the link below.

Petrie’s audition resonated with online audiences, attracting 5.6 million views from music enthusiasts on Britain’s Got Talent. Viewers lauded his performance in the comments, admiring his energy and calling him an inspiration. Many shared how Petrie’s performance brought them to their feet, smiling throughout.

Petrie’s adept guitar skills are no fluke; he’s an experienced live performer with his band. The Scotsman, who moved to England at 35, has been passionate about the guitar since 1969 after being inspired by Jimi Hendrix. He leads a band named Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters and is affectionately known as The Reverend Kenny Petrie, a moniker that hints at his stage presence rather than any clerical duties.

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