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Volbeat ft Lars – Enter Sandman | Not easy to jump in with a band you never play with. Lars is the man

Volbeat, a Danish rock band known for their unique blend of heavy metal, hard rock, and rockabilly, teamed up with the legendary drummer Lars Ulrich from Metallica for a special collaboration. Together, they recorded a powerful rendition of Metallica’s iconic track, “Enter Sandman.” 🤘🥁🎸

“Enter Sandman” originally appeared on Metallica’s self-titled fifth studio album, released in 1991, and quickly became one of their biggest hits. Known for its heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and haunting lyrics, the song has since become an anthem for rock and metal fans worldwide.

The collaboration between Volbeat and Lars Ulrich showcases the band’s admiration for Metallica’s influence on their music. With their own unique twist, they add their signature sound and energy to the classic track, creating an electrifying performance. Lars Ulrich’s stellar drumming skills perfectly complement Volbeat’s energetic style, resulting in a dynamic and captivating rendition of “Enter Sandman.”

This collaboration not only pays homage to Metallica but also highlights Volbeat’s status as one of the leading forces in the world of rock and metal. Their fusion of different genres and their dedication to delivering powerful and memorable performances continue to make them a fan favorite. Volbeat feat. Lars Ulrich’s version of “Enter Sandman” serves as a thrilling tribute to the roots of rock music while adding their own modern twist.

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