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Incredible Stunning The Helm 2 Story Container Home by CargoHome

CargoHome, a Texas-based company, has created a breathtaking two-story container home called the Helm. This modular housing option is made by stacking a 20-foot shipping container on top of a 40-footer, which creates an amazing rooftop terrace. The cost of this stunning home is USD $81,500, with an additional option of renting it for $99 per night.

One of the many benefits of using shipping containers for housing is their modular nature and easy stackability. The Helm takes full advantage of this modularity, creating more living space in a unique way. Although an exterior spiral staircase provides access to the second floor, it may not be practical for daily use. However, the company’s floor plans offer an option for an interior staircase to address this concern.

The second floor of the Helm includes a custom-made cable railing system with LED lights that highlights the incredible terrace. Beyond this outdoor space lies the second bedroom and en-suite bathroom. With bedroom doors opening directly onto the terrace, the indoor space expands to merge with the outdoors. Overall, the Helm is a perfect example of how creativity can turn an everyday object into a remarkable and functional living space.

While it might seem unusual to live in a container home, CargoHome has taken care to make this experience truly exceptional. With the Helm, they have transformed a simple 20-foot container into a luxurious two-story home that accommodates up to six people. Compact yet spacious, the Helm is a model of clever design and offers an inspired solution to modern-day housing needs.

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