Tiny House

Two Storey Tiny House ( 3.5 x 8 Meters )

The Woodnest-designed two-story tiny house boasts both simplicity and luxury in its design. The 300-square-foot home is a prime example of how a small space can be both beautiful and functional with brilliant design ideas incorporated into the structure. The many windows provide breathtaking panoramic views, while the interior layout showcases clever design.

Despite its size, the tiny house feels spacious on the inside due to its strategic design. With an abundance of windows, it remains connected to the surrounding forest yet still provides a sense of protection from the elements. The functionality of the space is evident through its simple yet practical design, providing just enough without any excess.

In addition to functionality, the tiny house also exudes a sense of luxury. From the plants that add life to the space to the artfully crafted lighting fixtures, every detail has been carefully considered. The overall feeling of creativity is enhanced by the presence of drawings scattered throughout the home.

In conclusion, the Woodnest two-story tiny house is a remarkable feat of design, showcasing the potential of a small space to be both luxurious and functional. The panoramic views provided by the windows make it feel larger than its 300 square feet, while the minimalist yet elegant design makes for a cozy and comfortable living space.

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