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Steven Tyler’s Emotional “Dream On” With Southern California Children’s Chorus Stuns Fans

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith performed an emotionally charged rendition of their classic hit “Dream On” alongside the Southern California Children’s Chorus. This performance was part of a special tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, first aired on ESPN’s show “E:60” and later uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral, amassing over 52 million views.

The arrangement was starkly different from the original, featuring only Tyler’s piano and Perry’s guitar, which created a haunting and intimate atmosphere. Tyler’s vocals were particularly poignant, filled with a mournful tone that highlighted the song’s emotional depth. The Southern California Children’s Chorus added a layer of purity and innocence to the performance, their flawless backing vocals enhancing the overall effect.

This tribute held significant meaning for Aerosmith, as the band has deep roots in Boston, where it was formed in 1970. The performance included moving visuals of marathon runners and photos of the bombing victims, making the tribute even more heartfelt and personal. Tyler expressed that the song’s lyrics, which speak to resilience and overcoming adversity, felt almost predestined for this tragic event.

Joe Perry recalled the difficulty of hearing about the bombing while preparing to leave for an Australian tour, noting the personal impact it had on him, as his children were close to the bombing site. Despite the emotional strain, Aerosmith continued with their tour, demonstrating their professional dedication and personal connection to the tragedy.

“Dream On,” released as Aerosmith’s debut single in 1973, has remained one of their most beloved songs, often celebrated for its powerful message and emotional delivery. This particular performance, with its stripped-down arrangement and the addition of the children’s chorus, breathed new life into the song, making it a fitting tribute to Boston’s resilience and strength. The performance was praised for its emotional intensity and the genuine connection it forged with the audience, solidifying its place as one of the band’s most memorable renditions of their iconic hit.

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