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Judas Priest’s ‘Breaking The Law’ Ignites Rock Hall ’22

Judas Priest’s electrifying performance of “Breaking The Law” at the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a significant moment in rock history. The band was honored with the Musical Excellence Award, recognizing their enduring influence and contribution to heavy metal. This performance marked a special reunion with former members K.K. Downing and Les Binks, who joined the current lineup of Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Glenn Tipton, Scott Travis, and Richie Faulkner on stage.

Alice Cooper inducted Judas Priest, praising them as “the definitive metal band” and highlighting Rob Halford’s incredible vocal range and the band’s unwavering dedication to heavy metal over five decades. Halford’s acceptance speech was equally memorable, as he proudly identified himself as “the gay guy in the band” and celebrated the inclusivity of the heavy metal community.

Downing’s return to the stage was particularly poignant, as he had not performed with the band since his departure in 2011. The guitarist expressed his excitement about reuniting with his bandmates, describing it as “like riding a bicycle” and emphasizing the deep connection he still felt to the band’s music. His performance, alongside the other members, was a testament to the timeless power of Judas Priest’s music and their ability to captivate audiences across generations.

The setlist for the night included a medley of hits: “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,” “Breaking The Law,” and “Living After Midnight.” These songs, integral to Judas Priest’s legacy, were performed with the same intensity and passion that fans have come to expect from the band. The audience’s reaction was one of sheer enthusiasm, reinforcing the band’s status as heavy metal legends.

This induction was a long-awaited recognition for Judas Priest, who had been eligible since 1999 but only made the ballot in recent years. Despite previous setbacks, their 2022 induction was a moment of validation and celebration for the band’s decades-long career. The performance, available for viewing online, captures the raw energy and musical prowess that have defined Judas Priest’s place in rock history.

In summary, Judas Priest’s performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not only highlighted their musical excellence but also underscored their lasting impact on the genre. With powerful renditions of their classic hits and heartfelt moments of reunion, the night was a celebration of both their past achievements and their ongoing legacy in heavy metal.

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