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As a huge Queen fan myself, this is one of the best covers I’ve ever heard absolutely

Initially known as Houston, the female vocal group Remember Monday emerged onto the scene with a few releases before recognizing the name conflict with other acts. Comprising Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull, and Charlotte Steele, this British country pop trio discovered the commonality of their initial name after gaining traction.

Adopting the name Remember Monday, the friends since their sixth form days have always cherished Mondays for their get-togethers, dedicating it to music and camaraderie. Their debut single dropped in 2018, and during the pandemic, they gained attention for their TikTok renditions performed in parking lots, notably their cover of “Fat Bottom Girls”:

This clip, contrary to a casual TikTok snippet, showcases their engaging full-length performance. The trio shared with Holler.Country the spur for this project, crediting a viral TikTok snippet and encouragement from followers, even catching the eye of Brian May on Instagram, leading to the creation of a well-received YouTube cover.

While their “Fat Bottom Girls” cover showcases their versatility, Remember Monday typically focuses on original compositions. Their stance on originality was evident during their stint on The Voice UK 2019, where they reached the quarter-finals with their own track “Jailbreaker.” Their debut EP, “Hysterical Women,” featuring “Nothing Nice To Say,” was released in February 2023:

Jennifer Hudson, their mentor on The Voice, contributed to the production of the music video. In 2019, Remember Monday clinched the Best Group title at the British Country Music Awards, underscoring their burgeoning career.

Critics have lauded their work, with Holler.Country likening their EP to a blend of Destiny’s Child and Carrie Underwood, and Entertainment Focus praising it as a significant accomplishment.

Beyond the group, Lauren, Holly, and Charlotte have pursued notable individual careers in performing arts since their initial meeting at Farnborough College in 2012. Their collective experience has laid a strong foundation for success post-pandemic, with highlights including supporting Billy Joel, performing at major festivals, and headlining in London.

Despite their group’s achievements, the members maintain dynamic careers outside Remember Monday. Lauren Byrne shines as Miss Honey in “Matilda” on the West End, Holly-Anne Hull takes the stage as Christine Daaé in “The Phantom of the Opera,” and Charlotte Steele contributes to the arts as Deputy Head at Artemis College and as a choreographer, showcasing the trio’s multifaceted talents.

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