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Listen to Judas Priest’s Epic ‘Breaking the Law’ Performance from Epitaph – You Won’t Believe Your Ears!”

Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” is one of the most iconic heavy metal songs of all time. Originally released in 1980, the track has become a staple of the band’s live performances and an anthem for fans around the world. And now, thanks to the Epitaph concert film, fans can experience the epic performance of this timeless classic like never before.

Recorded at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in May 2012, Epitaph captures Judas Priest’s final world tour and serves as a fitting tribute to the band’s legendary career. “Breaking the Law” features prominently in the film, with frontman Rob Halford leading the crowd in a rousing singalong of the song’s iconic chorus.

The performance is electrifying from start to finish, with Halford’s soaring vocals and the band’s signature guitar riffs sending shockwaves through the audience. The energy and passion on display are a testament to Judas Priest’s enduring impact on the heavy metal genre and their fans.

In many ways, “Breaking the Law” remains as relevant today as it did more than four decades ago when it was first released. Its message of rebellion and nonconformity still resonates with fans around the world, and its pounding beat and unforgettable melody continue to inspire new generations of musicians and music fans alike.

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