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James Hetfield before going on the stage in Hamburg, Germany 2023 – Night 1

If anyone is actually a fan and knows Metallica, they’d know that all along James has said from the beginning he’s a shy, quiet kind of guy that struggles with this all, but when he goes up on stage it transforms him into something more. A guy who isn’t shy or afraid anymore of massive crowds. Have to build up that courage to take the step up onto the stage and then it goes from there.

This requires dedication. After all these years and so many concerts, I am 100% sure that there are moments, there are beginnings of concerts, when – for whatever reason; mental, physical, age, etc. – he finds it difficult to start and would prefer to be somewhere else in peace with a cigar but he still does it because he is dedicated. No one should have any doubts: it’s not about the money, they already earned it even for their grandchildren during the time of the Black album.

I respect the pre show butterflies, the anxiety, and the willingness to push through it all and rock the hell out of that stadium! I also have mad respect that the members of Metallica are not afraid to show that they are aging. No hair dye, just them being themselves. Authenticity is important.

Hard to believe Robert Trujillo is the longest tenured bassist at 20 years. Time flies and it hurts sometimes.

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