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Vince Neil Announces Mötley Crüe’s 2024 Stadium Tour Plans

MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil recently participated in an interview with The Music Universe on June 29, discussing the band’s covert club performance in London, England. The group, operating incognito as DÖGS OF WAR, has been generating excitement with their secret show, which sold out in under a minute. Vince Neil shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Well, we went in the studio not too long ago — about six months ago — and recorded three new songs. And one of ’em is called ‘Dogs Of War’. And we’re doing a show tomorrow night at a club here in London [under the name] DÖGS OF WAR. And I guess word got out, ’cause it sold out in less than a minute. So it was pretty cool”

Regarding the band’s recent recording sessions with renowned producer Bob Rock, Neil expressed his satisfaction, saying, “It’s neat. There’s three brand new MÖTLEY CRÜE songs. And we’re gonna film it tomorrow night. I hope people like it.”

When asked about the inspiration behind returning to the studio, Vince mentioned, “Well, we’ve written the songs, and then we had Bob Rock, our producer, come in and take a listen to ’em too. We got some studio time and went in and recorded. I didn’t record with the band, ’cause I’m in Nashville, and they’re in L.A. They recorded the tracks in Nashville, and then I did like a Zoom call with the producer for three days. And I did all the songs. And they turned out really well. One of them is the BEASTIE BOYS song ‘Fight For Your Right’… That turned out really cool.”

When pressed about the possibility of a new full-length album, Neil responded, “I don’t know if we’re gonna do a whole album or not. We’ll see how these songs go first.”

Looking ahead, Vince shared MÖTLEY CRÜE’s upcoming plans, stating, “We’re gonna finish up. We have eight shows in the U.S. after [our current European tour with DEF LEPPARD]. Then we go to Australia and Japan. And then we do… I think we’re gonna go back in the studio for a couple of more songs. And then we will announce a new stadium tour for next summer. And we’re not sure who’s gonna be on it, but there’ll be another tour.”

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