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Vince Neil of MOTLEY CRUE Expresses Frustration Over Inability to Perform Live

Singer Vince Neil recently appeared on Zane Griggs’s “Hunger Hunt Feast” podcast, discussing his experiences with “The Stadium Tour”. Neil shared:

“It feels great knowing so many people want us back together. We had essentially disbanded years ago, deciding we had a great run and it was time to end it. I kept touring with my solo band until the pandemic hit, and then I was forced to take almost a year off due to the shutdowns. It’s been tough with everything closed down. However, things are starting to open up again. I have a few solo shows lined up in the coming months. It’s exciting to think about performing again; I haven’t gone this long without singing since I was 16. It’s going to be really enjoyable to hit the stage once more.

“When we initially decided to retire, a lot of fans were disappointed. The buzz around this tour has been incredible. We’ve discovered fans we didn’t even know we had. For instance, Carrie Underwood mentioned on her podcast that her favorite band is Motley Crue. She grew up listening to ‘Smokin’ In The Boys Room,’ a song her older sisters played for laughs. It’s fantastic to see people from all walks of life and various generations taking interest — from those who grew up with us to their children who are now coming to our shows.”

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