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Elton John Calls This Metallica Track “One of the Best Songs Ever Written”

Elton John’s phone call to the Stern Show brought excitement and praise for Metallica’s milestone of the 30th anniversary of their iconic “Black Album.” As a music legend in his own right, Elton John expressed his admiration for the band’s enduring success and the cultural impact of the album.

During the conversation, Elton John revealed his desire to collaborate with Miley Cyrus on a cover of one of Metallica’s songs. This unexpected pairing showcased the universal appeal of Metallica’s music and their ability to transcend genres.

Elton John’s fascination with collaborating on a Metallica cover stemmed from his appreciation for their songwriting and the emotional depth found in their music. The idea of blending his and Miley Cyrus’s unique vocal styles with Metallica’s powerful compositions intrigued him, highlighting the potential for a fresh and exciting interpretation.

The announcement of this potential collaboration not only excited fans of both Elton John and Metallica but also underscored the mutual respect and admiration shared among artists. It promised a fusion of diverse musical talents that would pay homage to Metallica’s legacy while adding a new dimension to their celebrated repertoire.

Overall, Elton John’s words of praise and his desire to collaborate with Miley Cyrus on a Metallica cover served as a testament to the enduring impact of the band’s music and their ability to transcend generations. It created anticipation among music enthusiasts, eager to witness the union of these iconic artists and the magic they would create together.

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