Teen’s Daring Escapade: Swiping Dad’s Tesla for a Thrilling Jump at a Gas Station, All While Under the Influence!

In the early hours of a serene Austin morning, a scene straight out of an action movie unfolded, but with real-life consequences. A young driver, navigating the streets in a high-tech Tesla Model X, lost control and met with disaster. The car, a marvel of modern engineering, veered off course, first colliding with a traffic light pole, then continuing its uncontrollable journey into a Shell gas station at Westover Road in Tarrytown. This was not just any crash; the impact was so severe that it led the Tesla to burst into a massive fire.

As flames engulfed the vehicle, a miraculous escape ensued. The driver, a male juvenile, managed to get out of the car unscathed before it was completely overtaken by fire. This escape was nothing short of a miracle considering the intensity of the flames and the potential hazard posed by the car’s innovative yet complex battery pack. In fact, the Austin firefighters faced a formidable challenge due to the risk of re-ignition from the Tesla’s battery, necessitating the use of an extraordinary amount of water – 40 times more than what is typically used for conventional car fires.

The incident took a sobering turn when the police arrived. Their investigation revealed a disturbing detail – the driver was under the influence of alcohol. This revelation transformed the incident from a mere accident to an act of gross negligence, leading to the driver’s arrest.

While the material damages were considerable, the incident thankfully did not result in any physical injuries. It stands as a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with driving, the unpredictability of technology, and the thin line between adventure and calamity

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