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Wolfgang Van Halen Discusses Reconnecting with Michael Anthony: “There’s No Bad Blood, Hard Feelings, or Rivalry Among Us”

Wolfgang Van Halen recently spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock about his heartfelt reunion with Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony during a MAMMOTH WVH show last December:

“It was absolutely fantastic. We hadn’t seen each other for two decades, so it was really special to just embrace him and have a meaningful conversation. We’ve hardly had the chance to catch up.

“Some people might think there’s some kind of bad blood or rivalry between us, but that’s never been the case. I’ve always had nothing but love for Mike. He’s an incredible person and musician.

“Reconnecting with him was such a delight; it felt like a family gathering. My mom and my uncle Patrick were there too, and they have a much longer history with Mike. But yeah, it was a really happy moment for me.”

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