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MÖTLEY CRÜE Fans Seems To Be Disappointed With New Single ‘Dogs Of War’

The debut of the new song, “Dogs Of War,” notable for being the first track without legendary guitarist Mick Mars, seems to have left fans underwhelmed.

The feedback was swift and pointed, as one fan remarked: “That was hot….garbage. The whole thing sounds like it was done on a computer. Drums, guitar are so blah. And Vince’s voice is just done.”

Another chimed in: “Couldn’t even finish the track, They are a dead band that lost their soul years ago. Sadly so.”

Additional critiques included:
– “They tried way too hard, and came up with overproduced, down tuned, industrial garbage. Reminded me of my first listen to Chinese Democracy. Even the solo was stupid. What Motley fan was waiting for a song like that? What were you thinking Nikki? Nobody asked for a Phil Spector production.“
– “Hahahaha I listened for 5 seconds and that was enough for me.”
– “I’m a huge Crue fan but I couldn’t even get through the whole song!”
– “I’d rather listen to a Taylor Swift song than that chit…”

Despite the backlash, CRÜE frontman Vince Neil had previously described “Dogs of War” with a positive spin, saying, “It’s got that old school vibe about it, but it’s new music. Nikki came up with it and he sent me the music and I thought it was really cool. So I started singing it and we got in the studio and it turned into the song I think the fans are really gonna like it.”

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