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Dave Murray, the guitarist, expresses his desire for Iron Maiden to retire.

In a recent update from Brazilian music critic Regis Tadeu, there’s talk that Dave Murray, the guitarist of Iron Maiden, would prefer the band to have already concluded its journey.

In a video shared on Whiplash, Tadeu remarked:

“I have no doubt that when Iron Maiden says it’s going to end, they’ll keep their word. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again: there is an Iron Maiden member who, if it was up to him exclusively, the band would already have stopped touring.

“It’s Dave Murray. He’s the guy who misses the family the most. He has a granddaughter, that’s information I know from inside people who work with Iron Maiden.

“Now, without a doubt, when it stops it will stop. It’s not the same as Kiss, who does a lot of farewell tours and when it’s the real farewell, nobody will believe it.”

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