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Ozzy Osbourne Wants To “Say Goodbye” To Fans By Playing Two Final Shows In Birmingham

Sharon Osbourne, both the spouse and manager of Ozzy Osbourne, discussed Ozzy’s potential return to the stage in London as part of her upcoming “Cut The Crap” tour, which will be making stops in Birmingham this Wednesday before returning to London the following weekend.

In a statement to Mirror, Sharon Osbourne shared:

“Ozzy won’t be embarking on another tour, but we’re organizing two farewell performances because he feels he’s never formally bid farewell to his fans and wants to do so properly. […]

“The concerts are set to take place in Aston Villa, Ozzy’s hometown. His vocal abilities remain unparalleled. Despite his break from performing, he’s continued with his vocal training, ensuring his voice stays in prime condition. And yes, he still has his sense of humor.

“Ozzy continues to be a wellspring of melodies. Regardless of one’s taste in music, Ozzy’s charisma is undeniable and effortlessly captivates everyone.”

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