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Dave Grohl attends a Metallica concert, blending in like any other fan

A few years ago, Dave Grohl treated himself to a single general admission ticket to a Metallica show, and what a blast!

Frontman of Foo Fighters Dave Grohl appeared to be an average guy when he stood among the throng in the Metallica “snake pit” at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Grohl made time to mingle with other concertgoers, appearing to forego any VIP treatment. Dave and his new pals also snapped a ton of selfies.

Although it was unclear whether Dave had met Ray Burton, the late bassist Cliff Burton’s father, who was also there for the performance, one may hope.

Whether you like Dave Grohl’s music or not, there’s no denying that he’s just a regular guy like the rest of us.

Longtime Metallica fan Dave Grohl famously declared, “I’ll be a die-hard Metallica fan until the day I die,” in an interview. He also said, “I bought the first Metallica album on cassette from a mail-order catalog,” Grohl said. “I had never heard of them… and the description said, ‘thrash metal.’ That sounded scary and cool. So I sent them my $6 or $7 and a couple weeks later, I get this tape in the mail. It was Kill ‘Em All, and it blew my f******* mind.”

One interviewer asked, “So, what keeps Dave Grohl grounded?” to another interviewer. Dave answered. “Having children that don’t give a f*ck if you’re a rock star. My kids don’t give a shit I’m in The Foo Fighters, their like daddy, I need a smoothie now.”

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