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John 5 Says New Motley Crue Songs Are ‘So Good’: “Everybody’s Just Killing It”

In a recent conversation with WRIF radio in Detroit, renowned guitarist John 5 shared some intriguing details about Motley Crue’s latest musical endeavors. Among these, a standout piece is their cover version of the Beastie Boys classic “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)”.

John 5 expressed his excitement about the new tracks, noting that they have been fully recorded, mixed, and mastered. He praised the quality of these songs, emphasizing their heavy sound and impressive melodies. The band’s performance on these tracks, according to John 5, is particularly noteworthy.

However, the release strategy for these songs remains uncertain. John 5 mentioned that it hasn’t been decided whether these tracks will be released as singles or as part of an album. This decision rests with the band. For now, John 5 and the team are focused on the recording process and are looking forward to seeing how these new songs are received upon release.

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