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Nikki Sixx Upset with MOTLEY CRUE Fans Defending Mick Mars: “You Will Apologize to Us”

During a status update on X (formerly Twitter), bassist Nikki Sixx expressed his enthusiasm for women’s rugby with the following remark:

“Well, I found a new addiction. Woman’s rugby. These girls are animals. I’m on hour 3 watching just in case I miss the concert tomorrow. This is my second favorite sport behind real American football….”

Subsequently, a fan responded to Sixx’s post, primarily expressing dissatisfaction with how Motley Crue had treated former guitarist Mick Mars.

The fan wrote: “You did Mick wrong.”

Nikki Sixx countered with:

“If you’ve heard of evil ways, you are being forced fed snake oil. Sad to see our fans directly getting lied to. When you know the truth, you will apologize to all of us. Keep drinking the poisonous Kool-aid.”

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