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Man Repeatedly Fakes Heart Attack in Restaurants to Dodge Bill, Arrested

ALICANTE, Spain – A 50-year-old Lithuanian man, identified only as Aidas J. but locally dubbed the “gastrojeta,” was arrested in Spain after allegedly faking heart attacks in multiple restaurants to evade paying his bills. The scheme, which he reportedly executed at least 20 times over the past year in Alicante, was uncovered by local media sources including El País and Spain’s EFE news agency.

The most recent incident occurred at the El Buen Comer restaurant-tapería, where Aidas J. racked up a bill of 34.85 euros (approximately $36.80 USD) for seafood paella and two whiskeys. When he attempted to leave without settling the bill, the staff intervened. According to EFE, citing restaurant manager Moisés Doménech, the man claimed he would retrieve money from his hotel room. Upon being denied exit, he theatrically collapsed, feigning a heart attack.

Staff, skeptical of his act, called the police instead of an ambulance. Recognized by the authorities, Aidas J. was promptly arrested. According to EFE, his limited Spanish skills did not hinder his understanding of the language, as noted by the restaurant personnel.

Local restaurateurs had previously circulated his image to prevent further incidents, reported El País. Despite multiple arrests in Alicante for similar offenses, this “gastrojeta” continued his deceptive practices until his most recent apprehension.

A spokesperson for the Alicante National Police confirmed to Insider that the man was a known repeat offender, stating, “He was arrested multiple times in the city of Alicante. The modus operandi was the same.” The police have yet to issue further comments on the case.

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