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Serbian Town of Zlatibor Accidentally Orders 10,000 Beach Balls Instead of Street Lamps

In an amusing mix-up that has the residents of Zlatibor, Serbia, both baffled and amused, the local town council’s attempt to illuminate their streets took a whimsical turn. Due to a clerical error during the procurement process, the town accidentally ordered 10,000 colorful beach balls instead of the intended street lamps.

The error was traced back to a mistaken item code entered during the ordering process. The town council had intended to update the aging street lamps around Zlatibor to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Instead, they received a massive delivery of beach balls, which was initially met with confusion and then laughter by the townsfolk and officials alike.

Upon realizing the mistake, the council head humorously remarked, “Well, it seems we’ve got the brightest and most colorful streets now, just not in the way we expected!” With no immediate solution to the lamp issue and an overabundance of beach balls, the town quickly decided to turn the situation into a positive event.

The mayor of Zlatibor then announced the first-ever “Zlatibor Beach Ball Festival,” inviting locals and tourists to partake in what he described as a “unique mountain beach party.” The festival plans include beach ball contests, games for children and families, and even a night-time beach ball glow event, where the balls will be illuminated from within to finally light up the streets in a festive manner.

Local businesses have rallied around the event, with plans to sell beach-themed food and drinks, and even souvenirs commemorating the quirky incident. The unexpected festival not only serves to utilize the mistakenly ordered beach balls but also aims to boost local tourism and community spirit in the face of an odd logistical error.

Meanwhile, the council is back to the drawing board, working diligently to correct the order and finally get the street lamps they originally intended. The mayor concluded with a smile, “One day, we’ll look back on this and laugh even harder. For now, we might as well enjoy our unexpected party!” This light-hearted event has indeed put Zlatibor on the map, albeit in a way no one could have predicted.

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