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Town Mistakenly Elects Its Oldest Cat as Mayor

In the small town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a curious error during the local election led to the oldest cat in the community, Sir Whiskers, being officially declared the new mayor. The mix-up began when a group of local teenagers jokingly added Sir Whiskers’ name to the online ballot as a write-in candidate. The prank caught on, and the town’s residents, amused and perhaps a bit enchanted by the idea, overwhelmingly voted for the feline candidate.

The morning after the election, officials were stunned to discover that Sir Whiskers had won the race by a landslide, outpacing several human candidates. The town council quickly convened to address the legality of a cat holding office. To everyone’s surprise, they found no specific rule in the town’s charter against a non-human mayor.

Embracing the odd turn of events, the people of Plovdiv decided to proceed with Sir Whiskers’ “inauguration,” which included a cozy basket by the podium and a ceremonial collar. The cat’s “policies” have since included mandatory petting hours and increased fish supplies in local markets.

This bizarre story has not only brought a lot of laughter and light-heartedness to Plovdiv but also attracted tourists curious to meet the first feline mayor, making Sir Whiskers a beloved local and now global, celebrity.

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